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Reach your goals in a deliberate, systematical, consistent, and controlled manner



Biz Kimiz?


Who Are We?

Uslu LLC is a medium-sized company established in 2009 as a continuation of 10 years of knowledge and experience.


 Uslu, who is the first retailer of AGT Parquet in Turkey, has entered the sector with its registered trademark of "Poloclick" in 2009 and has been in Turkey's top 10 companies in a short time. So far, it has reached total flooring sales of over 8 million m².


With "distribute the risk" approach, which is the indispensable principle of commercial life, it has increased its annual production in the cattle farm that it established in 2010 with 50 animals to 500 cattle by 2020 and continues its stable and controlled growth.


In the construction sector, entered with a comprehensive corporate preparation and planning, it started with Simtower residences and ASTOR Business Center in Ankara. It continues its activities in the framework of the strategic plan it has adopted in this field.


Owing its success to the entrepreneurial spirit, corporate planning, systematic management, and controlled growth principles, Uslu has always followed technological developments and improving management theories.


Uslu has institutionalized its success stories with its business partners with more than 20 years of experience in areas such as Strategic Planning, Management and Organization, Brand Management, Sales and Marketing, Business Analytics, Time Management, and Project Management. It offers permanent and special solutions to companies from strategy to operation.


While offering a regular schedule of growth and transformation to the companies it works with a deliberate, systematical, and consistent business follow-up approach, it also modifies the processes according to the developments over time.


It increases the visibility of the companies and brands on the international platform, enables them to communicate directly without any intermediaries, and helps them make the necessary preparations for participation in private or official tenders.

Ne Yapıyoruz?


What Are We Doing?

İş Ekibi
Corporate Strategic Plan
  • Current Situation Analysis

  • Your goals

  • Strategic Roadmap

International Tender Support 
  • Official Tender Portals

  • Non-official Tender Portals

  • Uslu Tender Track System

Business Development
  • BD From Scratch 

  • Corporate Structure Review

  • Company Optimisation

Institutional Analysis
  • SWOT/Risk Analysis

  • Sectoral Trend Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

Quality Management Processes
  • ISO

  • AQAP

  • Quality Control Handbook

Import & Export Support
  • Market Research

  • Advertising & Promotion

  • Local Sales Representatives

Digital Support Elements
  • Website Design

  • Social Media

  • Phone Apps

Advertisement & Sales
  • Brand Management

  • Customer Management

  • Advertising & Promotion

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Who Are We Working With?

Bizi Nerede Bulabilirsiniz?


Where Are We?

Thanks for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone & Whatsapp

+90 539 429 USLU


Demirhendek Caddesi, Altınpark, Akbal Sk. D:NO 5,

06160 Altındağ/ANKARA Turkey

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